As part of RESIDENCE at City Arts, creatives Callum Mulligan, Hannah Satchwell and Meridith Dickin present Perception Together; an interactive community art project turning your contributions into an immersive exhibition. Join us as we traverse the line between visual and sound, combining the two in a synesthetic experience. 

Meridith’s work often explores the role of creativity in wellbeing. As a facilitator she guides people towards how to use art as a language for communication, and in her own creations often focuses on self expression and identity. Perception together gives Meridith the opportunity to further explore the concept of translating experiences into visual images, which plays an important role with arts in a health and wellbeing context, a field she has worked in for many years.

Hannah Satchwell’s work values the creative process as an experience for participants, exploring the parallels between appreciation of nature and artistic self expression, finding humans safeguarding and accessibility of both increasingly important. Perception Together allows Hannah to combine her collaborative technology based art and a spiritual connection to draw and cultivate nature. Hannah aims to develop her techniques whilst switching to a less wasteful and therefore more sustainable practice.

Callum is interested in creating unique interactions, utilising technology to develop different and memorable exhibits & learning experiences. His work mainly involves collaborating with artists to augment their art with technology. He designs, develops and exhibits playful digital experiences, bridging the gap between the digital and the physical.  His work ranges from immersive exhibitions to creative skills workshops to other unique digital experiences. Excited by how technology can connect people and how technology can be used in a subversive way, to create experiences outside of the remit for the digital.

Perception Together is a celebration of collaboration and connection, helping us to find and appreciate our urban green spaces in Nottingham. It is an opportunity to discover how to be present and explore those spaces creatively, culminating in an immersive multi-sensory exhibition at City Arts between the 10th and 12th of June 2022. 

Anyone is welcome to be part of this experience, instructions are available to assist you in creating your submissions. Contributions can be sent in any time until the 15th of May and can be created in any medium as long as you can send us a digital photo of it.