Perception Together is a collaborative community artwork as part of Residence. It focuses on the appreciation of Nottingham’s urban green space by gathering ‘sound sketches’ from local residents. See your sketches presented in an interactive installation at City Arts July 10th 11am-3pm.

1.   Visit an urban green space in Nottingham and get comfy

2.   Spend some time looking and listening to be present in your surroundings

3.   Visualise what sounds would look like if you could see them

4.   Sketch the sounds you hear and ‘see’. Remember there is no wrong way to do this!

5.   Scan/photograph each sound sketch and submit via our website or email us at:

Want tips or more detailed instructions? Interested to know more about the project? Would like to stay in the loop about the exhibition your sound sketches will be shown in? Follow us on instagram @youngproducers_cityarts and head over to our web page